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Screen-Sol HS ONE - Universal Photo Sensitive Emulsion

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Photo Emulsion Ready to Use High Definition Resistant to Solvent Inks, Water Based and Plastisol Inks

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  • Photo Emulsion Screen Sol HS ONE
    High Definition Amex Premium Quality

    Pure Polymer Emulsion Ready to Use (Diazo free) High Definition, Excellent Resistance to Plastisol Inks, Solvent Inks and Water Based Inks

    Available in buckets of 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 1kg and 5 kg
    Made in Italy

    Universal Photo Sensitive Emulsion Amex

    Universal Photo Sensitive Emulsion Amex


    • Pure Polymer Emulsion
    • High Definition
    • Color : Light Blue
    • Viscosity : medium
    • Solid content : 44%
    • Storage time : Approx 1 year at room temperature
    • High flexibility


    • Exposure time can vary depending on the type of lamp, distance between the lamp and the frame, the type of fabrik and the emulsion layer thickness


    • Mesh 55 thread/cm
    • Lamp MH : 5000W
    • Distance : 60 cm
    • 2 interior layers, 2 external layers
    • Exposure time : 50 seconds
    • This exposure time is also valid with sunlight (full sunlight) 


    • Check viscosity before use
    • Apply on Dry, Clean, Oil free Fabrik
    • Always work safe from the light
    • Perform 1 to 2 passage on each frame side
    • Drying : horizontaly, from 40 to 60 minutes to 30-35°
      Once the frame is insolated, pass it under water for 1 minute then hose it with medium pressure to remove non flashed emulsion
    • Retouching : You can reapply this emulsion to fill the holes after rinsing. Just re-expose the frame after retouching
    • Wash tools with water
    • Do not leave water drops on the emulsion after washing.
      Dry the frame with a cloth after washing.
    • To wash the frame and remove the emulsion permanently to use the frame again, use strip solvent(Available in the Inks, emulsions and chemicals section)


    • When overexposed this photo sensitive emulsion is difficult to remove.